Attempted Escape?

Ed Note: I Originally posted this photo via Twitpic but thought it deserved a more permanent home with additional explanation.

Attempted Escape? We Caught this Tabby trying to pick the lock on a cage at the pet store today. Adoption anyone?

On Sunday I dropped my wife and youngest son off at the pet store while I parked the car. My son had recently lost his bottom feeder (Ghost Shrimp) for his fish tank so we were shopping for a replacement. When I found them in the store they were viewing the animals in the “Adopt a Pet” section. The cat in the picture, sorry I did not catch it’s name was working quite hard on the lock. Peter joked that it looked like the cat was trying to pick the lock and get out of the cage. I’m glad I remembered to whip out my phone and capture the shot. We raise chicken for eggs and have one dog and Peter’s fish. Please contact the store or visit their link if you are interested in adoption information.

The pet store information is below:

2544 Crossing Circle
Traverse City, MI 49684
(231) 947-4714

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