Microsoft Proudly Presents Back-to-School Patch Collection

Microsoft Proudly Presents Back-to-School Patch Collection

Microsoft is going to issue enough patches to make a quilt next week–34 in all. Come August 10, “Patch Tuesday,” the company will deliver 14 bulletins, eight of them critical.

Evidently that’s a new record.

“For those who keep track of such things, this will be the most bulletins we have ever released in a month; we have released 13 bulletins on a couple of occasions,” Microsoft’s Security Response Center team explained. “However, in total CVE [Common Vulnerability and Exposure] count, this release ties with June 2010, so there’s no new record there.”

Anyway…if you’re a PC, be sure to set aside some time next Tuesday for installation. Microsoft (MSFT) plans to release the updates at approximately 10 am PT.

Douglas Beard

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