How secure is Flash? Here’s what Adobe won’t tell you

By Ed Bott | May 14, 2010, 12:15pm PDT
Adobe’s co-founder and co-chairman says concerns about security in Flash Player are “old news.” Adobe even cites a Symantec study as evidence of their security record. But when you read that study, as I did, you get a completely different, and quite alarming story.

Yesterday, I called Adobe’s Flash “the new Vista” and asked the company to start talking seriously about how they’re addressing problems with their products instead of pretending those problems don’t exist. In talking to Adobe representatives, reading interviews with Adobe executives, and reading Adobe’s public statements, I’ve found a steady stream of denial where there should be transparency.

One of the key issues in this discussion is security. Yesterday, I rattled off some disturbing statistics about vulnerabilities in Flash Player and asked Adobe, “So, how are you planning to convince us that you’ve gotten serious about security? No one from Adobe has gotten back to me on that one. But John Paczkowski of Digital Daily interviewed Adobe co-founder Chuck Geschke yesterday and published a transcription of the conversation this morning. Here’s an excerpt that perfectly illustrates my concerns with Adobe’s record.

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