Vox Hidden Secrets

Hello Vox, Pownce Exiles, and the Internets
I have a staff luncheon to go to soon, today’s will be catered by one of our vendors.

As I was first trying to figure Vox out while trying to import my Pownce data, I kept getting no content on the “Library” tab. I finally figured it out late last night. I use Firefox 3 as my main browser with Ad Block Plus as one of my many favorite extensions. Ad block was deleting the needed page elements required to display the entire “Library” page.

After turning Ad Block off for the Vox site I was able to have full access to the Library page and import my Pownce posts. I am going to miss Pownce, and I hope re-kindle the many friendships that I had. With the demise of Pownce I have expanded my presence on the Internets to include:
Soup.io = skicat56 &
Friendfeed = skicat56

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About skicat56

Snow Sports Industry veteran – Husband – Father – Network IT Ninja & Former Powncer. Old enough to know better but young enough to start a new career.
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